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Our Wholesale THCA flower represents a specialized segment within the cannabis market catering to businesses looking to procure large quantities of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA)-rich cannabis flower for various purposes. As the precursor to THC, THCA offers potential therapeutic benefits without inducing psychoactive effects until it undergoes decarboxylation through heating. Wholesale THCA flower suppliers like THCAKING.COM provide high-quality, lab-tested products with precise THCA content, appealing to manufacturers producing cannabis-infused products or consumers seeking alternative forms of symptom relief without the traditional "high" associated with THC. Additionally, wholesale THCA flower serves as a versatile ingredient for extraction purposes, allowing companies to create concentrates, tinctures, and other derivative products.

Do Yo Want To Wholesale High THCA Flower?

THCA King Offers Lab-Tested High THCA Flower In Bulk Wholesale & Pre-Packaged Quantities.

Its been all the buzz lately, Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid AKA THCA has taken over the legal hemp industry, thus changing the landscape forever. Its all quite fascinating because THCA converts to THC once that joint is sparked or pen is vaped, so basically we're selling legal weed to the masses. And when you read the plethora of legal opinion letters and observe the non-action from USDA, it appears THCA flower & THCA products are here to stay atleast for now. So what does that mean for wholesalers, distributors and retail stores looking to cash in on this opportunity?

The Popularity Of THCA Flower Comes Down To One Thing...

We're finally giving the people what they want. If you look at the progression of hemp flower, more specifically smokeable hemp products dating back to 2018, people jumped on the CBD flower train because it was the first hemp product made accessible nationwide through ecommerce channels. All of a sudden, anyone with a credit card could receive ounces of Odouls-like weed and show it off (and even sell it) to their friends on the block. Once the market was saturated and somewhat oversupplied, the movement shifted to alternative lab-made cannabinoids like Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC and THC-O. Soon, consumer interest for pure CBD Flower lost its popularity and it became primarily used as input material to make these emerging deltas. As states started to enforce and even the DEA gave issued a notice about the deltas, time was ticking for hemp entrepreneurs to find the next cannabinoid to promote.

THCA Flower Goes Back To The Roots

Since its naturally occurring in the hemp plant, High THCA flower quickly became a highly coveted product that started flying off the shelves of retail stores and distro houses nationwide. The THCA market has continued to flourish and grow, most recently because the farm bill has been delayed again into late 2024, so there is little chance the momentum will die down anytime soon.

I'm Interested, So How Do I Wholesale THCA Products?

The first thing to determine is are you going to sell with your own THCA brand or rely on a company like THCA King to provide their own branded products? Both options have their pro's and cons which we will explore more in depth below;

Buying Bulk THCA Flower For White Label

The most obvious benefits to buying High THCA Flower in bulk quantities is the discount wholesale buyers receive. Since there is no individual packaging involved, you receive a big bag of lab-tested THCA Green House flower from THCA King and can weigh out quantities based off of your orders. The only downside to this is that packaging for resale does require additional space, labor and sometimes handling permits depending on your state's hemp retailing requirements.

Retail Ready Pre-Packaged THCA Flower

For wholesalers, retail stores and even distro houses who prefer to have product ready for immediate sale, the benefit to going this route is the least amount of time before you can start selling and making money. Branding design and packaging is sometimes a burdensome task that has long lead times and requires overseas relationships for the best pricing, so eliminating all of that hassle saves you time and money. Good news is that THCA King has taken a white label approach even to its pre-packaged THCA Concentrates flower marked for wholesale. We utilize strain specific mylar bags that have very little branding of our own, so customers will remain yours and not circumvent.

Why Should I Buy Wholesale From THCA King?



All THCA Products Undergo A 3rd Party Potency Analysis Conducted By An Independent Testing Laboratory And Are Proudly Displayed Via A Scannable QR Code.


Industry Leader

Although we make humorous references to a "King Being A Leader", our owners and fulfillment team have years of experience operating legal hemp businesses. From 2020 to 2022, we were a recipient of the prestigous High Times Hemp Cup.


At Your Service

Although we sell THCA Flower, we are really in the customer service business. At THCA King, no questions will go unanswered and your needs wont be unmet. We offer fast shipping with tracking and hassle-free returns in the event something is not up to your standard.

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We pride ourselves in having a little something for everyone. Whether you want the highest quality indoor THCA flower for discerning customers or affordable mid grade for patients on a budget, THCA King has you covered.